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Holistic Innovation Transformation

Holistic innovation System (top line gr

The Holistic Innovation Transformation takes organizations who currently don’t have innovation rooted in their culture and re-wires their mindset to approach their work in a more exciting way. We work to maximize the talent of your existing team by engaging them in the Ignited Thinking process, which exposes their strengths and how they can work together in the most effective way possible. Our goal is to have your entire organization addicted to innovation and to start saying “how might we?” instead of “we can’t”.

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Results Operating Transformation

Results Operating system (bottom line growth)

This system helps organizations that are currently spending too much of their revenue on costs to get the work done. The system reduces the cost-basis to where they can keep much more of that revenue at the bottom-line. When implemented, we make sure there’s no ambiguity, there’s a visual system in place that shows progress, and your entire team is aligned and held accountable on the path forward.

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Ignited Thinking - Orientation Workshop


Orientation Workshop

Orientation Workshop lays the foundation for transforming an organization. It focuses on key frameworks and theory that when properly implemented, will foster a culture that is true to the Ignited Thinking Methodology. Orientation Workshop is our full day, entry-level service that has no prerequisite. Orientation Workshop provides extensive understanding into each team member's personal creative style. During this process, each team member will discover and learn about their own creative problem-solving style. Not only will each team member understand their own style, but they will also learn to appreciate and work with their team members who possess different styles. 

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Ignited Thinking - 101 Workshop

101 Workshop

101 Workshop is a two day, no prerequisite workshop suitable for managers, leaders, and high potential employees looking to learn how to creatively deal with problems. 101 Workshop focuses on training and skills development. The key benefit of 101 Workshop is learning how to synthesize problems and implement a systematic process to creatively deal with them. 101 Workshop includes both an orientation on the Ignited Thinking Methodology and a hands-on application session.

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Ignited Thinking - 210 Next Level Workshop 

210 Next level workshop

The 210 Next Level Workshop is where the journey begins towards a meaningful cultural transformation from within an organization. This three day workshop trains members of an organization how to run an Ignited Thinking 101 Workshop. Developing this skillset in-house has proven to be invaluable. Learning to foster a genuine culture of collaboration and creative engagement produces enduring results that carry through the evolution of marketplace dynamics.

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Ignited Thinking - Champion Workshop

Champion workshop

The Champion Workshop is a four day workshop that teaches members of an organization how to teach and run an Ignited Thinking 101 workshop. Learning how to conduct an Ignited Thinking 101 Workshop and learning how to teach it are two unique skillsets. This workshop further enhances an organization's ability to foster a genuine culture of collaboration and creative engagement. 

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Storytelling Transformation

Storytelling system

Today, it’s more important than ever to develop deeper relationships with your customers. Externally, telling the story of your transformation - authentically - is an integral piece to finding that connection. Internally, we’ve found that watching your transformation from a bird’s eye view deepens your team’s belief in what you’re doing and in one another. We include brand strategy and the production of content (photo and video).

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